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Our pre-employment training initiative helps companies find and recruit dedicated, fully-trained staff – finding the right staff with the right dedication is essential for any company or business operating a contact centre.

“Recruiting from a pool of candidates with proven dedication, commitment and the right skills, is every employer’s dream!” – Amy Foat, HR Officer, First Source

Since 2006, our pre-employment training courses, written by our industry members, have helped some of Wales’ biggest employers find trained, motivated entry-level staff.

The courses don’t just help companies – we work with trusted unemployment agencies and charitable organisations to get people back to work. These include Remploy, Prince’s Trust, Shaw Trust and the Department for Work and Pensions.

A selective vetting process and comprehensive training ensures that talented individuals find jobs they’ll excel at in companies that need them.

“The Candidates are focused and determined to get back into the work place to make a positive impact on people both customers and colleagues.” – Dee Dee James, Recruitment Manager, Conduit The courses

Employers participate in the initiative; they guarantee interviews or assessments for individuals who successfully complete the training course. Attrition amongst staff hired through this initiative is low, and we often hear from our members of the high levels of dedication seen among staff we have trained.

The course itself takes place in two phases. An initial induction introduces attendees to the nature of contact centre work, to identify those suitable. These then take part in an intensive, week-long course which covers everything from excellent customer service to conflict management. Courses also include real-world scenarios using renowned training tool Phone Coach.

The courses are created by our members in the contact centre industry. In addition, the trainers who run our courses are all seasoned professionals, each with a minimum of a decade of experience.

Success Stories

Many stories reach us of unemployed people who were able to become an asset to an employer after completing pre-employment training. Few are more inspirational than that of Nick Baldwin, who was out of work for 14 years following an accident with a fork-lift truck. Remploy directed him to one our our courses, after which he was able to secure employment with FirstSource in Cardiff.

“It opened doors to opportunities I didn’t even realise existed. It gave me the confidence, skills and knowledge to do the job.” – Nick Baldwin, course attendee

Get Involved

If you’d like to use this opportunity to source fully-trained staff, or if you have any further queries about the ways in which these courses could boost your workforce, please contact Christine Allen.

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