Following the success of these courses and feedback from members, I am pleased to advise that we are running this course again in 2022, Recognising Vulnerability.

Feedback received;

  • “This was great, great reassurances in terms of what our organisation is doing at present”
  • “ Great sessions, extremely interactive”
  • “I liked that there wasn’t an over reliance on PowerPoint – it was used as an aid and didn’t become the focus of the sessions which is a danger in all training but more so virtually. Very engaging presenters and lots of information to take away and think about”

These two new training sessions will help organisations recognise all types of vulnerability and implement reasonable adjustments to deliver fair outcomes for all. 

Almost every organisation will have customers who, at times, find it harder to make informed decisions about the choices offered to them, due to their diverse circumstances. How can contact centres recognise vulnerability and what adjustments can be made to ensure a level of service that is inclusive to vulnerable customers?

Session 1: Recognising Vulnerable Customers
1st February 2022 | 14:00-16:00 | Teams

How to Recognise Vulnerability within Your Customers
This session begins by looking at how vulnerability can be defined, examining a range of industry body definitions including those of the Financial Conduct Authority and OFCOM and how closely these definitions align to the attendee’s organisational definitions or practices. We consider how a vulnerable circumstance may arise and the impact those circumstances may have on a consumer in their decision-making, action taking and representing their views. The session includes two practical exercises in which the group discover vulnerable circumstances and how they might encounter them in their day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. Attendees will discover that anyone may find themselves in a vulnerable circumstance at any stage in their lives, and we may encounter them much more regularly than anticipated or realised.
Objectives of the session: Gain a heightened awareness, Recognise vulnerability when you see it, Learn to appreciate that vulnerability is complex and changeable.

This session provides a cornerstone of understanding and is built upon during the second session Making Reasonable Adjustments to deliver fair outcomes to customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Session 2: Making Reasonable Adjustments
2nd February 2022 | 14:00-16:00 | Teams

Making Reasonable Adjustments to Deliver Fair Outcomes for Vulnerable Customers
In the next session we explore how a customer may interact with an organisation and how a vulnerable circumstance may be identified across a number of contact channels. We explore what Reasonable Adjustments could be offered and how to determine which is the most appropriate option to better support each customer’s needs. The session covers a number of models for handling contacts with customers in vulnerable circumstances to enable the delivery of appropriate, consistent, and fair outcomes. We share practical tools which can be used within the attendees organisation which enable them to assess and determine in a structured manner which is the best option for each customer. It encourages consideration of whether the agreed outcome is fair for both the organisation and customer.
Objectives of the session: Understand what reasonable adjustments and how they can be made, Develop your skills to select and implement solutions, Deliver fair outcomes for your customers

Who Should Attend
Contact Centre Managers/Head of Customer Experience
Team Leaders / Trainers / Senior Agents
Operations managers / Compliance Managers
Marketing Managers / HR / Staff Managers

Per session: £149+VAT per person
Both sessions: £250+VAT per person
Delegates will receive a copy of the slides for future reference

To book your session simply email me