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Premier CX have launched a brand new contact centre video service 

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Explainer Video Page (

Staff and customers increasingly want their information delivered in a video. How do we know this? Well, video consumption is booming, as Youtube could tell you:

  • In December 2021, Youtube reached 135 million people just through TV (Neilsen streaming platform ratings).
  • In January of this year, in the US alone, Americans streamed 177.3 billion minutes of video on the platform (The Gauge – February 2022).

Crucially, this move to video affects how we all do business, with 9 out of 10 customers wanting to see more videos from their brands (Hubspot).

Video is ready for Contact Centres to exploit; improve customer experience and drive up CSATs, reduce handling times, prevent low-complexity queries or FAQs, and cut down on repeat calls.

So why isn’t it used more? At Premier CX, we identified three main barriers to the adoption of video:

  • Cost, including the resources and time that videos take to produce.
  • The inability to update a video once it’s made
  • Speed of delivery can’t keep up with fast-moving Contact Centre requirements

This is why we’ve launched a brand-new proposition to tackle these issues.

Videos tailored to the Contact Centre, with a pricing model that fits and a simplified process that delivers faster and demands less of your time and resource. Short, targeted, agile, and cost-effective content, available in packages that include the ability to either create new or update previous videos within the original budget. A proposition that allows for effective longer-term planning and budgeting but with the flexibility to produce tactical content as needed.

With all that, you’re still tapping into the extra resource: professional copywriting and production talents, Contact Centre know-how, and creativity of the Premier CX team.

We’d love to talk to you about it, answer your questions and most importantly, discover together how it can deliver on your challenges and targets.

For more great ways to use video in your contact centre, have a read of our blog here.