Employee churn rates are expected to continue at the current high levels for 2022 and beyond.  Research indicates that just one poor customer interaction in the last 12 months can lead to customer loss. This is particularly the case with Millennials and Generation Z with over 40% of them stating that they have changed brands because of a poor customer experience.

So, how can the CX Manager improve the customer experience with high employee turnover and rising customer expectations ?  In conjunction with Talkdesk, we will show how their technology can help across all areas of the employee and customer lifecycle:

  1. Onboard new agents and achieve productivity faster
  2. Improve the effectiveness of existing agents by reducing the support required to less experienced staff
  3. Generate insights from call and email data (unstructured) that can be used to improve self-service and automation (improving reaction times and reducing routine calls)
  4. Improve existing agent productivity by providing answers faster and reducing post call working
  5. Show that AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools are working today and do not require special skills from IT or the business to operate
  6. Finally, what is the business case for change and help making it a powerful case.

This workshop will be presented by James Daulton from Clarita Solutions and Neal Laxman from Talkdesk.  A live and interactive demonstration of how AI technology can help your business in the next 12 months improve the customer and employee experience.

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Date: 30th June 2022

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Platform: Zoom

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Thank you to Clarita Solutions for Sponsoring this workshop

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