Welsh Contact Centre Forum

Date – 05 Nov 2019
Time – 09.30 - 17.00
Venue – The Park Inn by Radisson, Mary Anne St, Cardiff CF10 2JH
Cost – £249 +VAT per person
Event Organiser – welsh Contact Centre Forum
Contact Number – 029 2070 9800
Contact Email – christine@WCCF.uk

A Brand New Offering to our Members!

This Workshop will Transform Communication and Produce Confident & Cost-Effective Messages

Good Communication Drives Profitability and Performance!

This programme is suitable for Customer Service and Sales agents, as well as Leaders, Mangers, Mentors and Coaches needing to improve dialogue within their teams and businesses

Human touch is more important than ever to customers, which is why 2019 brings a new emphasis on this basic need. Although technology has influenced the way brands engage with customers, it is the agent’s personal interactions that create meaningful moments and it is these experiences that forge lasting connections rather than just merely serve the customer.

Happy, engaged agents are crucial to humanizing conversations and building customer loyalty. In fact, according to PwC Research, 24% of businesses say that empowering agents to offer customers unique resolutions has the biggest effect on their experience.

Customer experience is all about how customers feel about a company at any given moment. This is closely tied to the way they are being treated – do they feel like they are being listened to and does the company truly hear what they are saying as well as how they are saying it.

This programme looks at the use of language to manage people’s perceptions and to influence their subsequent actions


– Bike Model to raise awareness of attitude and its impact on performance

– Using various psychological models to raise agent awareness of differences in perception and behaviour

– Provide theories and techniques to enhance communication and relationships

– Barriers to effective communication

– Professor Mehrabian’s communication model and importance of para language

– How does this relate to great customer service?

– RATER model

– Psycho-linguistic strategy

– Review and putting it into practise

At the end of the course delegates will understand how their behaviour and attitude impacts their customer service delivery, know what words and tone to use in situations and how to persuade customers in a positive way or refuse a request.