Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop via Microsoft Teams

Date – 13 Oct 2021
Time – 13.30-15.30
Cost – £30.00+VAT per person
Contact Name – Lucinda Butler
Contact Number – 029 2070 9800
Contact Email – lucinda@WCCF.uk

The Welsh Contact Centre Forum are delighted to be able to offer a virtual Mindfulness Workshop with Helen Rabbitt.

The course is an introduction to the benefits of mindfulness. To introduce attendees to mindfulness and experience mindful meditation for themselves with 2 specific mediations as tools for supporting wellbeing and positive mental health.

Mindfulness has been recognised as providing improvements in our wellbeing and is beneficial whether we enjoy the practise or not. It can be done anywhere as all we need is our breath. This session can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with an organisation’s internal Wellness Strategy.

The session is interactive, It contains 2 specific meditations that can be done by individuals at their desk as a “mindful“ break if they are feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed. They can be used as an anchor to bring their awareness back to the present and help them feel grounded. All attendees will need to bring a raisin or a square of chocolate for the mindful eating exercise

Helen Rabbitt started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in sales then moved into training and management. This started a lifelong passion for L&D which Helen has continued over the last 25 years.


13.30 – Welcome and Introduction

– Mindfulness definition

–  What mindfulness is and isn’t

– Mindful eating

– Hourglass meditation

– Connecting body and breath meditation

– Reflection and feedback on 1st session

14.15 – Virtual comfort / coffee Break

– Body scan meditation

– Mindful poems

– Reflections on the practise and questions

– Actions all attendees commit to 1 action to support their well being

15.30 – Close

Date – Wednesday 13th October 2021

Time – 13.30-15.30

Cost – £30.00+VAT per person

Platform – Microsoft Teams

To attend simply complete THE ATTACHED BOOKING FORM and return to  lucinda@wccf.uk