Hr Insights Leonard Cheshire (1)

 Wednesday, 8 June 2022  | 11:00 to 12:30
In a special HR Insights session, we’re partnering with Leonard Cheshire to discuss how we can make recruitment as accessible and diverse as possible.

Diversity within the workplace offers businesses a huge range of benefits, including better problem solving, employee engagement, increased profits and better decision making, but a conversation about diversity cannot be had without first talking about disabilities.

In Britain alone, over 14 million people have a disability or long-term condition. While they make up over 21% of the population, or one in five people, it may surprise you to find out that only 54% of disabled people are in employment. Disabled people have to apply for more than 60% more jobs than non-disabled people in the UK.  Do you feel confident hiring a disabled person?

In this special HR Insights session with Kirsteen Allison of Leonard Cheshire and Anna Denton-Jones from Refreshing Law Ltd, we’re exploring how we can empower employers to identify and remove barriers that prevent disabled people entering the workforce, and how to increase their recruitment accessibility.

Kirsteen Allison from Leonard Cheshire will be leading the first half of this talk. Kirsteen is hearing and visually impaired and has a hearing dog for deaf people. She is a lifelong advocate for equality in education, training and employment. Kirsteen has undertaken research on the barriers to employment and training for young disabled people and has volunteered with multiple disability organisations since childhood. She has delivered disability awareness and raised funds for various disability charities. Kirsteen sits on several equality advisory groups and supports employers to improve the diversity of their workforce.

In this webinar, Kirsteen will be discussing:

  • Identifying and removing barriers to disabled people within the workplace & recruitment accessibility
  • Spotting signs and action points for change

We will also be joined by our resident speaker, Anna Denton-Jones of Refreshing Law, a highly regarded employment solicitor recognised for her HR training expertise, including managing challenging behaviour and contentious employment matters.

In this session, Anna will cover:

  • Long COVID as a disability
  • Managing conditions that fluctuate such as MS and Mental Health 

 If you can share questions prior to the event, please do. For accessibility reasons, when attending this webinar, please ensure there are no virtual backgrounds enabled (including any blurred backgrounds). Please mute when not speaking. If there are any additional changes or accommodations we can make, please email

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