Customer service and contact centres from Insight 6

Your relationship with your client hangs in the balance every time your team engages with a customer, measuring the experience from a Customers perspective is a key metric for success. Why? Never mind how well your operatives manage a call, follow the process and hit their targets, you have to measure satisfaction from a customer perspective in order to know how well you are really doing.

What you measure will also impact the score you achieve, are you measuring customer satisfaction, customer effort, customer loyalty or customer experience? Whilst all of these questions may sound like the same thing, they are very different and asking the right question will ensure you gather the right information to develop and improve your customer experience.

Ask yourself;

  • What are you measuring? (and why)
  • What does good look like? (compared to your competitors)
  • Can you improve on your current customer feedback methods? 
  • Are you listening to your customers? (and actioning their feedback)

Is it time to take a fresh look at how you do things? 

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