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Industry News

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Our panel reveals how you can improve agent productivity for the long term – and stop relying on a temporary sugar rush. Celebrate successful performance against key elements of process Use coaching to relate back to agents’ training, celebrate successful […]
Kayla Matthews explains how your agents can accommodate different disabilities and provide great customer service to everyone.  Helping those with hearing impairments People who cannot hear well are at a disadvantage when calling into a help centre. In order to […]
Gemma Harding explores the pros and cons of using scripts in the contact centre. Pro: They help eliminate unnecessary ‘small talk’ Most customers who contact call centres are not in the mood for idle chit-chat. They have a problem and […]

Service News

Consistent improvements in customer satisfaction is key to trust and reputation.
Automotive sector take fourth position in customer satisfaction index
Retail (non-food) delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the UK but experiences second year of declining customer satisfaction.