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Industry News

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One great way to push your team through the final hour of their shift is to put your management teams on the phones with them. An alternative is that the best performing agent of the day gets to leave an […]
Most of us think that people make decisions, especially big, consequential decisions, based on a rational assessment of the consequences of that decision. The stock market is a great example. Clearly it makes sense that who fares best in the […]
Bill Backus explains how to effectively communicate with your homeworking agents. Open and immediate communication is the essence of a successful virtual model. Mastering the art of sharing information in a timely and straight forward manner will assure a positive […]

Service News

Consistent improvements in customer satisfaction is key to trust and reputation.
Automotive sector take fourth position in customer satisfaction index
Retail (non-food) delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the UK but experiences second year of declining customer satisfaction.