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Industry News

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Incentivise exercise in your contact centre by allowing your agents to earn points for completing various physical activities throughout the week. For example, points can be earned through walking at lunch, biking to work or working out in your in-office […]
Heather Foley explains how to give your sales team effective feedback without dampening their spirits – and ability to sell. 1. Frame the conversation as productive and constructive This is probably the most important step. By framing the conversation well, […]
How do I get Customers to do what I want; eg: buy our product; use our web site; try a new service? ¬†Clearly the trick is to make them want to do what you want them to do. Sometimes people […]

Service News

Consistent improvements in customer satisfaction is key to trust and reputation.
Automotive sector take fourth position in customer satisfaction index
Retail (non-food) delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the UK but experiences second year of declining customer satisfaction.