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Employer’s Forum Event, January 2016 - roundup

Hosted by Legal & General in the fantastic surroundings of Jury’s Inn, Cardiff, the event introduced our delegates to some passionate and engaging speakers. There was a definite ‘new year, new approach’ feel to the morning, as our speakers all covered ways in which things could be done that bit better in 2016, from customer communication to staff wellbeing to dealing with the vulnerable in society.

The event was chaired by Ireen Lock.

Speakers and further information:

Gail Brown, GB Management Coaching

How to positively influence ‘customer’ conversations

An experienced former HR Manager, management consultant and executive coach, Gail established GB Management Coaching in 1991.

In a lively discussion, Gail covered ways to communicate more effectively with customers, and improve your influencing power. A key part of this, she explained is ‘hearing more than people say’; people’s choice of words can reveal a surprising amount about how they prefer to be communicated with. Is your customer a visual person, an auditory person, or neither? Are they motivated to move towards goals, or away from problems?

Gail also held a short experiment to see if our delegates could discover these and other facts about each from everyday small-talk, with some surprising results.

View the presentation slides (members only)

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Warren Fauvel, Nudjed

Healthy teams are more productive

CEO and co-founder of Wales-based health tech company Nudjed, Warren is an international award-winning creative director, who established his first company aged 22.

In his discussion, Warren explained the origins of Nudjed’s goal to help people be healthier, and happier, simply. He also revealed some startling statistics around workplace health (health issues cost companies an average of £3,000 per staff member annually, for example) and showed how companies could help influence and change health-related behaviour and habits in the workplace.

He rounded up his talk with seven healthy suggestions that companies could implement quickly with little effort – including a ‘caffeine amnesty’ after 4pm, reducing the effect that frequent caffeine intake has on sleep and stress.

View presentation slides (members only)

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Sandie Dunn, Legal and General

Helping vulnerable customers

Sandie Dunn is the People Development Manage for the team at Legal & General Investments, and is responsible for training and developing all customer facing staff and managers.

Sandie discussed the journey Legal & General have taken to improve how they deal with their most vulnerable customers. Initially prompted by FCA compliance requirements, the drive to ensure that Legal & General services and communications were being provided fairly and sensitively to vulnerable customers soon became a passion for Sandie and her staff. Sandie explained the statistics and strategies behind the company’s new approach, and the list of experts and charities brought on board to advise.

She concluded with a moving video in which customers in Wales with a range of disabilities or special requirements talked about the problems they’ve had dealing with service providers and other companies, and the sometimes patronising response of poorly-trained staff. This video was initially shown last October at an event at New Horizons Day Care Centre, Barry, and was regarded by the Welsh Contact Centre Forum as an important message for all our members.

The video is available for training purposes, and sets out to staff exactly why this is not an issue that can be ignored. Anyone interested in obtaining the video for training should contact Sandie has requested that any company wishing to use this great resource should make a donation to Hen Goleg League of Friends.

Vale of Glamorgan council article with more information on the background of the video

View the presentation slides (members only)

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Sandra Busby

New Announcements

Perfomance and Quality

Sandra announced the 2016 return of the previously hugely popular P&Q Challenge, organised in partnership with Nexidia. Details of this are being finalised, so keep an eye on our website and twitter channel for more news as soon as it’s available.

Planning Challenge 2016

Another popular event returning this year is the Planning Challenge – and there’s not long to wait! Held on the 9th of February, the event has an excellent ineup of speakers, including well-known BT Futurologist Dr Nicola Millard.

Full details of the event, and booking instructions >

New! Contact Centre Supplier Awards

It’s time to recognise and celebrate the suppliers that keep the huge contact centre industry moving in Wales and the South West of England – after all, it can’t be done without them! This is a major new landmark event for our events calendar, and one we’re sure will be enthusiastically received.

Full details, categories, booking options and more at the link below. Deadline for entry is Friday the 18th of March.

Full information on the 2016 Contact Centre Supplier Awards >

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