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SWWITCH are The South West Wales Integrated Transport Consortium

SWWITCH is one of four Welsh Transport consortia supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. A crucial part of its work is to change peoples' attitudes toward transport.

Smart Travel Training - Developing Champions for the Future. English Welsh

Welsh Travel Plan Awards - Reward & Recognition Scheme. English Welsh

See how they changed the attitudes of the staff working at HSBC Swansea  

Sustrans Cymru

in partnership with the South East Wales Transport Alliance (Sewta) and Cardiff Council, are offering to businesses in the Cardiff area to develop and implement a travel plan.

Save money through effective management of commuter and business travel costs. Promote a positive business image and public profile to their clients and the local community, Improve site access and enhance the local environment by addressing congestion, Support their staff in making travel choices that benefit their health, the environment and their business.

Travel plans are tailored to individual businesses and encourage people to think about the way they travel to and from work. Essentially, the plan promotes sustainable and healthy travel choices, such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. There are many benefits in developing a travel plan and many businesses have already experienced these benefits, for example:

Welcome to swwitch2share

The site has been designed to enable you to carshare in and around the South West of Wales. Simply register your details, where you are travelling to and from and whether you are offering a lift or seeking a lift then this site will search for appropriate matches.
503,817 people have joined the liftshare network so there is a good chance you might be able to find that perfect match.
So don't delay and register today

See the benefits of travel planning and the financial savings that your company could make here.

A typical transport consultancy would charge around £7000 for their travel planning services. Sustrans provide free expert and tailored advice and ‘hands on’ support (such as free cycle training and assistance with organising promotional activities) to help your members develop their travel plan. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a Cardiff wide initiative to become a Sustainable Travel City and do your part in making a difference to your staff, supporters and the local community.
For more information contact:  Mala Bhardwa, Swyddog Prosiect Mannau Gwaith Caerdydd, Project Officer Cardiff Workplaces, Sustrans Cymru, 123 Stryd Bute Caerdydd CF10 5AE, 123 Bute Street Cardiff CF10 5AE, Ffon/Tel: 029 2065 0602