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Industry leader welcomes new online recruitment tool

Sandra Busby, Managing Director of the Welsh Contact Centre Forum said: “We are very excited to be launching, the first website dedicated to the contact centre industry in Wales.

“This website will give people a chance to explore for themselves the wide range of career options open to them in the vibrant Welsh contact centre industry, a sector which employs 27,000 people and pumps some £400m into the Welsh economy every year.

“The aim of the site is to dispel some of the outdated myths about call centre careers – the days when people pictured sweat shop conditions, inflexibility, low wages and poor career prospects are hopefully over. Contact centres in Wales are highly technical, well run, extremely motivated places to work and are attracting highly educated employees to help meet the vast demands placed on them in the 21st century.

“To ensure the continued success of our flourishing industry it is essential that we recruit the right people, with the correct mix of skills and when recruited ensure that we keep hold of these employees. We envisage buzzwales playing a central role in this effort and look forward to receiving feedback from users!”

Buzz - New Site Under Constuction

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